SAiON-EMzyme® refreshment drink is a natural fermented drink made from quality mixture of useful micro-organism that helps strengthen the body’s immune system to keep you strong, healthy & vibrant.

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Everything starts from here! It has been over 30 years since Sanko Sangyo Co. Ltd. started marketing SAiON-EM® products. We have been active in a variety of fields: promotion of organic farming through soil improvement in agriculture, river purification and fertilization of garbage and animal excrements in the environment, and development of SAiON-EM® fermented beverages in health. We stick to fermented beverages and wondered “if we could make a better product by using other excellent materials”. From this thought, we jointly developed this product with other manufacturers by orchestrating their long experiences and technologies. “Dawn of SAiON-EMyme® was integrated by the materials produced with attentive care. Since traditional fermented foods in the world such as bread, yogurt, fermented soybeans, miso, soy sauce, and sake have strong ferment ability, they are produced by utilizing effective microorganisms which secrete a lot of nutrients useful for humans.

SAiON-EM® is a compound of organisms produced by mixing and culturing several useful microorganisms. Denshichi carrots grow only in the high mountains mainly in Yunnan Province, China and are strong in vitality. They take 3 to 7 years to completely absorb nutrients & minerals from the soil, and the soil after harvesting becomes so clean that even weed won’t grow in the next decade and over. Since Denshichi carrots are rich in nutrients and have no side effects, they have long been called “Kinfukan” in China, meaning they are too valuable to be exchanged even for money. Denshichi carrots we produce at “Advance Co. Ltd.” in China are IFOAM certified. Denshichi carrots contain saponin, perfect for the vitality including sustenance / health maintenance, 4 to 5 times as much as that in ginseng. Ingredients: are extracted through a slow fermentation process with SAiON-EM®


Turmeric (Ukon)



Main ingredient – Curcumin
Cultivation method – Organic pesticide-free
Origin / History – Grown in farms organically controlled for over 20 years by Sanko Sangyo Co. Ltd.

Beneficial Effect – Secretagogue action of bile (digestive acceleration), improvement of liver function, neutralization of active oxygen, anti-cholesterol effect


Denshichi Carrot (田七)


Main ingredient – Denshichisaponin
Cultivation method – Organic. Being organically farmed with EM for over 10 years in highland of Yunnan Province (Advance Co. Ltd.)
Origin/History – Since it takes 3 to 7 years to harvest, it is also called “three seven carrot” or “Kinfukan” (impossible to be exchanged for money).

Beneficial Effect – Blood pressure adjustment effect, anti-cholesterol effect, anti-tumor effect (exceptionally effective for large intestines / lungs / liver), and improvement of liver function.


Okinawa Mozuku (Seaweed)


Main ingredient – Fukoidan
Origin/History – Polysaccharide thickener abundant in such brown algae as kelp / brown seaweed / “mozuku” seaweed

Beneficial Effect – Powerful anti-cancer effect (released by Japan Cancer Association), apoptotic change of cancer cells (self-destruction of cancer cells)


Rice Bran


Main ingredient – Phytic acid / Inositol
Cultivation method – Organic
Origin/History – This is one of the few complete nutrition products, and a number of researchers are now in the process of elucidating its various effects on health.

Beneficial Effect – Anti-cancer (tumor) effect, mitigation of hyperlipidemia


Green Papaya (Papine)


Main ingredient – Papaya enzyme (papain)
Cultivation method – Organic pesticide-free (by Sanko Sangyo Co. Ltd.) Origin / History – Protein breakdown enzyme

Beneficial Effect – Anti-inflammatory effect, cholesterol degradation

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