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What is SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism?

SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism is a combination of various beneficial, naturally occurring microorganisms; mostly used for or found in foods. SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism contains beneficial microorganisms from 3 main genera: photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeast. These effective microorganisms secrete beneficial substances such as vitamins, organic acids chelated minerals and antioxidants when in contact with organic matter. They change soil micro flora and fauna so that disease-inducting soil becomes disease-suppressing soil, which in turn has the capability to develop into axymogene soil. The anti-oxidation effects of these microorganisms pass directly to the soil or indirectly to plants maintaining their NPK and CN ratio.

This process increases the humus content of the soil and is capable of sustaining high quality food production.  It consists of a delicate combination of beneficial naturally occurring organisms, and is therefore harmless to people, plants, animals, soil, air or water. Having such a diverse application base, we are sure to have a solution to your requirements, whatever the scale or diversity. By using this application, our clients collaborate with us, in cultivating enduring environmental interconnection. The result is co-prosperity and vital co-existence.

SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism usage have now spread from agriculture application to environmental, aquaculture, animal husbandry and including everyday household cleaning. For clients, the application of SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism Solution Technology is simple and inexpensive, regularly resulting in cost-reductions. The interconnected benefits are endless and impressive.


SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism Technology is an environmentally sustainable and responsive solution to the interconnected improved health of plants, animals, soil, air, water and people. SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism Technology is also extremely beneficial for clients seeking natural waste and odour management solutions. For clients, the application of SAiON-Effective MicroOrganism Technology is simple and inexpensive, regularly resulting in cost-reductions. The interconnected benefits are endless and impressive.



SAiON-EM Neutralizer is a completely safe industrial/commercial odour control agent using all natural ingredients.  It is highly-effective in absorbing and destroying malodors,  leaving any area with a neutral odour free environment.  It is made from food-grade category ingredients such as Photosynthetic Bacteria and Lactic Acid Bacteria which are non-toxic and non-harsh components as compared to chemical ones.

This natural odour neutralizer is a product of an extensive research and development by Sangko Sangyo team in Japan for more than 30 years.  It has been tested by independent laboratories and certified as a “Green Label” product.   SAiON-EM Neutralizer is safe to handle, bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and ecologically harmless.  It is available directly from global Licensed Manufacturer. SAiON-EM Neutralizer is suitable for industrial, commercial and household odour control.


SAiON-EM Solutions will eliminate the insect’s scent trails and reduce in insect and rodent populations. Once Prevention of odour is eliminated, the flies and pests will not be attracted to the positive environment as it will prevent putrefaction which in turn eliminates the food source for ants, roaches, rats and mice. These pests leave scent trails through access points to return upon and for other pests to follow.


SAiON-EM Solutions in waste treatment is known to reverse putrefaction and oxidation through secreted by-products which is known as Anti-oxidants. It has chelated minerals and vitamins which reverses oxidation. Anti-oxidants help with PH balance and are known for preventing and even reversing corrosion. Majority of cleaning agents used today is an oxidizer such as Ammonia and bleach, causing equipment to corrode and damage easily.


SAiON-EM Solutions offers a scientific approach to deal with fats, oil and grease.  It is able to digest and eliminate these types of waste from the system instead of emulsifying them.  Through biological process, this natural solution greatly improves the efficiency of the treatment plant, reducing clogs and crowning from saponifiable or non-saponifiable grease.


SAiON-EM Solutions can be used to remedy odour control as it is effective and efficient in reducing sludge and odour build-up, a complete breakdown of organic matter, lowering the BOD and density of the sludge.


SAiON-EM solutions effectively eliminate odour from mold & mildew smells.  Damp rooms that create a perfect environment for mold growth, like a dingy stale room or a room with high humidity levels, create musty smell and may cause health problems.  SAiON-EM solutions eradicate mildew that come with such areas and helps destroy mold or mildew bacteria that has grown in them.


SAiON-EM solutions quickly eliminate pet odours from urine, messes, toys, pet cages, bedding and more.  It is safe and pet-friendly solution for any type of animals.  It can be used as a wash down solution on dog, cat, bird cages or toys with water.