SAiON-EM® Pet Care product is a food-grade substance gained from natural source such as Lactic Acid, Yeast & Photosynthesis Bacteria.

Product Details

Saion-EM Pet Care is a natural cleaning and deodorizing solution with antioxidant properties as it is

  • All Natural
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable


– helps fight Bacteria for bad breath

– Promoting a healthy environment

– Keeping them clean, well fed, protected from the harsh elements

Applications can also be used for small pets such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs for mouth and fur spray with 1:10 dilution rate.


Suitable Application

– being used for cleaning cages, baskets, hutches or runs etc.

– controls Pets Odour especially when urinating odour linger in the premise


Instruction for Use :

  • General Guideline for dilution rate, Ratio 1 : 10)
  • Store in cool place. Avoid heat at all times
  • Do Not mix with chemical or detergent
  • Do Not Pre-Mix – Once diluted, prepare required amount needed within the application
  • Hand-held spray bottle Or dilute in a bucket of water for wash down, cleaning/mopping purposes

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