Composting is probably the oldest form of recycling. Local agricultural extension agencies across the country have been promoting composting to teach people how to use food wastes, trimmings, and even some small amounts of paper to cut down on what is going into landfills.

Product Details

The word Bokashi in Japanese means “fermented organic matter”

With the aid of using SAiON-EM Bokashi, its good microorganisms helps to break  down food waste for composting process, transforming the waste into an effective fertilizer for healthy growth in agriculture and environmental usage.

Our mission is to offer a sustainable living, educate and promote a eco-green environment  with healthy living through our Biodegradeable SAiON-EM products.


  • Fast unlike conventional  way
  • Simple and shorten the time
  • Effective and speed up process
  • Safe as no harmful chemicals
  • Economic, cost saving
  • Recycle to protect the earth
  • Odour Free and Pest Repelling


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